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Warner Bros. & Zack Snyder Announce Superman/Batman Movie

Batman Superman - CopyAt long last, and to the liking of many a fanboy across the world, at San Diego’s Comic-Con yesterday, Warner Bros. and Man of Steel director Zack Snyder officially announced the inevitable: Superman and Batman will simultaneously grace the big screen in 2015.  The news comes fresh off the heels of the great – and still ongoing – box office success of Snyder’s Man of Steel.  Henry Cavill will return to suit up as the Man of Steel, and the actor who will play Batman has yet to be cast.  Hit the jump to read more. Read the rest of this entry


My Reaction to MAN OF STEEL – Plus Nightline Special & New Posters

Man of Steel Henry Cavill 12Well, I didn’t expect the day to come so early, but this past Thursday, I was fortunate enough to check out Warner Bros.’ highly anticipated Man of Steel for myself.  After the jump I’ll be posting a short reaction to the film, but I will be posting a full length review  after I’ve seen the film for a second time next Tuesday.  Long story short, Man of Steel is everything  that I hoped it would be, and much more.  Along with my reaction is a great piece from Nightline highlighting interviews with the cast, Zack Snyder, and even Christopher Nolan.  There are also three new posters that have been released for the film.  We’re less than a week away from its release, so get excited!  Hit the jump to check out my reaction and some other cool stuff! Read the rest of this entry

Final Exclusive Trailer for MAN OF STEEL

Man of Steel Henry Cavill 8Much like the studio did with The Dark Knight Rises, Warner Bros. and Nokia have teamed up to give fans the fifth and presumably final look at the much anticipated Superman film, Man of Steel.  I know my site has been extremely heavy with MOS content over the last few days, but I just can’t contain my excitement.  And let’s be honest, this is far and away the most anticipated film of the summer season.  Early reactions from screenings have been overwhelmingly positive, and I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to catch the film tonight.  We’re a week away from the film’s release, and this new trailer highlights Hans Zimmer’s rousing score and showcases a bevy of new footage.  Hit the jump to take a look! Read the rest of this entry

13-Minute Featurette for Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL

Man of Steel Crowe CavillIt’s hard to believe that we’re less than two weeks away from the unveiling of director Zack Snyder‘s upcoming superhero spectacle, Man of Steel.  With the marketing campaign coming to its climax, fans are being treated to a brand new 13-minute behind-the-scenes featurette for the film.  The clip showcases some great interviews with the director, producers, and many members of the cast while giving us an in depth look at the film’s grounded realism and some brand new footage.  I know that anticipation is extremely high for the upcoming Superman film – especially from yours truly! – so this featurette should be more than enough to wet fan appetites.  Hit the jump to take a look! Read the rest of this entry

New Trailer for Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL – Plus New Character Posters

Man of Steel Henry Cavill 9The fourth and presumably final trailer for director Zack Snyder‘s eagerly anticipated upcoming Superman flick, Man of Steel, has been released online.  If you enjoyed the film’s third trailer, then lace up your boots and strap in because this one is flat out awesome.  Clocking in at just under two minutes, the new trailer focuses on the film’s main villain, General Zod (Michael Shannon).  Zod issues an ultimatum to Earth, and they will “suffer the consequences” if Superman (Henry Cavill) doesn’t turn himself in to Zod within 24 hours.  While previous trailers focused more on the more emotional and grounded elements of the film, this new trailer is jam-packed full of action, explosions, a mountain of skulls, and heat vision!  Along with the new trailer are a few new character posters, so hit the jump to check them out! Read the rest of this entry

New Banner & TV Spot for Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL

MAN OF STEELI haven’t been able to update the site as often as I would’ve liked over the last week or so – you can thank school and final exams for that.  One thing that I do know is that director Zack Snyder‘s upcoming Superman flick, Man of Steelis right around the corner.  A brand new banner and 30-second TV spot have been released today for the highly anticipated film.  The TV spot focuses on the grounded nature of the story and characters, spectacular action, and Hans Zimmer’s rousing score.  Early reaction from the film suggests that this is finally the film that The Last Son of Krypton deserves, and I can’t contain my excitement anymore!  Along with the TV spot is a brand new banner focusing on Henry Cavill‘s watchful Superman.  Hit the jump to take a look. Read the rest of this entry

General Zod & Superman of MAN OF STEEL Stand Tall on the Cover of Empire Magazine – Plus New Image

MAN OF STEELWarner Bros.’ Zack Snyder-directed Superman film, Man of Steel, is approaching faster than a speeding bullet.  I’m sure many of you, including myself, are still trying to wipe the drool from your mouths after the 3-minute trailer that premiered last week.  Man of Steel has already been the center piece of Empire Magazine’s summer preview issue, and now the publication will showcase two collector’s covers featuring Henry Cavill‘s Superman and Michael Shannon‘s General Zod on their June issue.  Early indications and reactions imply that the upcoming reboot is the film that Superman deserves, and lord knows we all hope it is.  Along with the Empire covers is a brand new image of Henry Cavill in full costume.  Hit the jump to take a look. Read the rest of this entry

New Trailer for Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL Starring Henry Cavill

Man of Steel Henry Cavill 3A new theatrical trailer for Warner Bros.’ Zack Snyder-directed Superman film, Man of Steel, has been released online.  The three minute trailer is very dialogue heavy and also offers a great deal of new footage – with very little footage rehashed from previous trailers.  We get our first real look at Russell Crowe in action as he explains how Kal-El will be a god to the people of Earth.  We see Clark grow from infant to adult throughout the trailer.  Aside from the viral video from a few days ago, we get a good look at Michael Shannon‘s General Zod.  While previous trailers have focused more on the existential side of the character, this trailer shows off some of the film’s impressive action sequences.  The trailer also gives us a glimpse of Hans Zimmer’s new Superman theme – which sounds fantastic.  All in all, the trailer is amazing.  Hit the jump to take a look and sound off in the comments section. Read the rest of this entry

MAN OF STEEL Graces the Cover of EW’s Summer Preview Issue – Plus 7 New Images

Man of Steel Poster 2Director Zack Snyder and Warner Bros.’ highly anticipated adaptation of one of the most celebrated characters in comic book lore is undoubtedly going to be one of the biggest film of the summer.  From the very beginning, Snyder and executive producer Christopher Nolan have made it clear that they are attempting to bring a more real, grounded character to the screen while introducing Superman to a bevy of new audiences.  In Entertainment Weekly’s Summer Preview Issue, many of the names attached to the film revealed some interesting information.  Arguably the most interesting being comments from producer Charles Roven on whether or not other DC heroes will be sharing the Man of Steel universe.  There are also some other nice tidbits from screenwriter David S. Goyer and Zack Snyder.  Also featured in the magazine are seven brand new lo-res images from the film.  Hit the jump to take a look. Read the rest of this entry

First TV Spot for Zack Snyder’s MAN OF STEEL Starring Henry Cavill

Man of Steel Taking FlightFor those of you who tuned in to last night’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, you may have caught a glimpse of the first TV spot for director Zack Snyder‘s upcoming tale of The Last Son of Krypton, Man of Steel.  The 30-second TV spot features very little new footage, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting!  Early reactions from the film have been very positive, so we can only hope that Snyder & Co. can deliver come June.  Hit the jump to take a look. Read the rest of this entry