Disney and Marvel Move Edgar Wright’s ANT-MAN up to July 31st, 2015

Ant-ManAt this point, it’s no secret that the 2015 film slate is chock full of highly anticipated blockbuster flicks – many of the superhero genre.  To make the summer more interesting, Disney and Marvel have announced that they plan to move director Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man up nearly four months from its initial November 6th, 2015 release date to July 31st, 2015.  Seeing as Warner Bros. plans to release the highly anticipated Batman vs. Superman film on July 17th, 2015, it would seem as if Marvel feels good enough about Ant-Man to pit the film against the World’s Finest team up.  Hit the jump to read more.
Ant-Man 2

The main concern about this move falls into the fact that Ant-Man – a relatively unknown character outside of comic book fans – will go up against the third week of powerhouse Batman vs. Superman from Warner Bros.  Ant-Man’s kick off to Phase Three will also come just a little under three months after the release of Phase Two’s conclusion, The Avengers: Age of Ultron.  The planned moved will also eliminate competition with Bond 24which is set to release on Ant-Man‘s initial November 6th date – which would be a box office nightmare for Disney/Marvel.  With Star Wars, Batman vs. Superman, Avengers, Bond, Pirates of the Caribbean 5Jurassic World, and many, many more, 2015 is undoubtedly set to be one incredible year in film.

Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man has yet to see any casting moves, so keep an eye out for that.  But for the time being, remember that the film will be releasing in the heart of Summer 2015 on July 31st.

Ant-Man banner - Copy


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