CHRIST 2.0 Released Online

JesusNow I don’t usually do this, but I had to show some love and support for two of my long-time friends.  John Corbett, his brother K.C., and John Langley have teamed up for a little project for John’s Visual Concepts class at Towson University.  Titled Christ 2.0, the 10- minute short film saw various changes in its script during production, which K.C. went on to describe as “freestyle comedy”.  The film focuses on the lackluster second coming of Jesus (John) and a day in the life of his faithful personal assistant, Alex Anderson (K.C.).  There are plenty of laughs to be had in this one – maybe we could send it over to the Academy for a nomination in Best Live Action Short Film?  Hit the jump to take a look and offer your support! – and get a dose of the #NewTweetstament.

Christ 2.0 is directed by John Corbett and stars K.C. Corbett and John Langley.

“It’s kinda like a ‘what would Jesus do?'”  


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I'm just a 27 year old college kid with celebrity dreams. Under Armour Employed. I love movies, shoes, and have a childlike infatuation with Batman.

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