Gallery1988 Presents Posters for the Best Picture Oscar Nominees

OscarsWe’re two weeks away from the 85th Academy Awards.  The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has teamed up with Gallery1988 to bring us unique posters of each of this year’s Best Picture nominees.  The prints will apparently not be available for purchase, but the Academy and Gallery1988 are providing fans the opportunity to view these prints at their Los Angeles exhibit.  Fans will have the opportunity to obtain limited edition copies of the prints if they visit the exhibit at specified times on each day of “For Your Consideration.”  Hit the jump to check out these very cool prints and sound off on which one is your favorite!

The 85th Academy Awards will take place on February 24th, 2013 on ABC.

Amour – Matt OwenAmour Oscar Poster

Argo – Anthony PetrieArgo Oscar Poster

Beasts of the Southern Wild – Rich KellyBeasts of the Southern Wild Oscar Poster

Django Unchained – Mark EnglertDjango Unchained Oscar Poster

Les Misérables – Phantom City CreativeLes Miserables Oscar Poster

Life of Pi – Tom Whalen

Life of Pi Oscar Poster

Lincoln – Jeff BoyesLincoln Oscar Poster

Silver Linings Playbook – Joshua BudichSilver Linings Playbook Oscar Poster

Zero Dark Thirty – GodmachineZero Dark Thirty Oscar Poster


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I'm just a 27 year old college kid with celebrity dreams. Under Armour Employed. I love movies, shoes, and have a childlike infatuation with Batman.

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  1. These are awesome! The Beasts of the Southern Wild one is probably my favorite.

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