Has Warner Bros. Already Cast the Next Batman in Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

The Justice League film is hitting theaters in 2015.  The biggest question surrounding the film as of late is who the next Batman will be.  With next summer’s Superman flick, Man of Steel, right around the corner, director Zack Snyder has recognized that the Superman seen in MOS will likely be the same Superman seen in Justice League.  It’s starting to look like Warner Bros. has already put the wheels in motion in regards to building a joined universe to set up their superhero ensemble film and moving forward with the Batman character.  The latest rumor swirling around the web is that fans have already seen the next to don the cape and cowl, and that is Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Hit the jump to read more.

According to Drew McWeeny over at HitFix, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Warner Bros. are close to a deal that would make JGL the next caped crusader.  With little time to put plans in motion to have another stand alone Batman film before JLA, it is assumed that WB will wait to reintroduce the character until JLA’s 2015 realease.  That being said, HitFix reports that there is reason to believe we may see JGL in the Batsuit a little earlier than that.  Exactly how early?  Well, maybe as early as June 2013….in Man of Steel.  MOS is already in the post-production stages, but it wouldn’t take extremely long to film a Marvel-esque end credits scene where we see Henry Cavill’s Superman and JGL’s Batman together.

For those of you who have yet to see The Dark Knight Rises (1. Do you live under a rock? 2. You need to see it ASAFP), there are some spoilers here – so if you don’t want to ruin the movie for yourself, turn away now!  At the end of TDKR, JGL’s John Blake receives a duffle bag after the “death” of Bruce Wayne/Batman complete with supplies and coordinates.  After navigating to the coordinates, Blake finds himself in the waters of the Batcave on the path to succeed Bruce Wayne as the new Batman and new protector of Gotham (HE WAS NOT ROBIN, PEOPLE!).  Assuming this news is true, it would continue the story that Nolan set up at the end of his trilogy.

As a huge Batman fan, most of you probably expect me to hate this news, but I actually like it a lot.  It’s different.  It also basically eliminates the chance to have another director come in and just try to tell the origin story again and blah blah blah.  This sets up a number of interesting opportunities.

What do you think of this rumor?  Would you like to see JGL suit up as Batman, or would you like to see the studio go in a different direction?

Man of Steel hits theaters next summer on June 14th, 2013.

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