The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray Extra Features Bane Mask Concept Art and Video of Tom Hardy’s Transformation

Tom Hardy’s Bane was certainly a formidable foe for The Caped Crusader in The Dark Knight Rises, and the look that Nolan and company decided to go with for the character was drastically different from that of the comic books.  Making Bane more real-world and not some spandex wearing South American wrestler was essential to the film, like Nolan has done with every villain in The Dark Knight Trilogy.  Tom Hardy had to completely transform his body to play the role, going from 165 to almost 200 to fill out the physical stature of the menacing Bane.  Some concept art for Bane’s mask has been released as part of the Blu-ray special features.  What could Tom Hardy’s Bane have looked like?  Hit the jump to take a look!

After seeing these photos, I’m very happy with the decision Nolan made as far as how Bane would look in the film.  One piece of concept art is very similar to the final product, but the rest sort of just look like some dominatrix executioner’s mask.  Also pictured below is Tom Hardy before his tattoos were cover up.

For the video showcasing Tom Hardy’s physical transformation, head over to The Sun.

[All images and videos are copyright to Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.]


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