The Twilight Saga Reigns Supreme at the Weekend Box Office

1. Breaking Dawn Part 2     $141.06 Million

2. Skyfall                                  $41.1 Million

3. Lincoln                                 $21.04 Million

4. Wreck-It-Ralph                  $18.5 Million

5. Flight                                    $8.8 Million

While it’s no secret that a ton of people (including myself) out there think that the Twilight films are less than stellar, they put up gigantic numbers when they release.  So the fact that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 debuted number one at the box office is no surprise.  Breaking Dawn brought in an impressive $141 million over the weekend – only $1.8 million short of the franchise best set by New Moon.  Breaking Dawn’s worldwide box office total is now at $340.6 million.  Five movies over four years for the Twilight series have racked up an incredible $2.5 billion, yes billion with a ‘b,’ worldwide.

Last weekend, Skyfall opened huge in the U.S. with $90 million – including special Thursday screenings.  In its second weekend, the newest Bond flick brought in $41.1 million and bumped it’s domestic total to $161 million.  Worldwide, Daniel Craig is well on his way to being the first billion dollar Bond with $668.8 million.  Read the review here.

In its first weekend as a wide release, Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln comes in the third spot with $21 million.  Lincoln is a superb film, I suggest that everyone go se it.  Lincoln’s domestic total is now at $22.4 million.  You can check out my review here.

Disney’s Wreck-It-Ralph continues to impress in its third weekend as it reeled in $18.5 million over the weekend.  Ralph’s domestic total is now at $121.7 million, with a worldwide total of $157.4 million.

Rounding out the top five this weekend is Paramount’s Flight. With $8.8 million over the weekend, Flight is now at $61.5 million domestically and $63.6 million worldwide.

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